A Better Tomorrow

A Better Tomorrow

Life Lessons in Hope and Strength


'I'd walk across hot coals to speak alongside Mina Smallman... An amazing woman' - Jess Phillips, MP
'Mina Smallman is as tough as she is warm' - Guardian

Mina Smallman has lived through the unimaginable. On Saturday 6 June 2020, her daughters, Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, were killed in a park by a male stranger as they celebrated Bibaa's birthday.

Mina has been fighting for justice ever since - for her daughters, and for the rest of us, by challenging the toxic culture in the Metropolitan Police and calling out the wider institutional misogyny, racism and classism in Britain. Now, she tells her story for the first time. Framed by Mina's experience of losing her two daughters, Bibaa and Nicole, A Better Tomorrow reflects on the lessons in strength, forgiveness and hope that life has taught her - from her difficult childhood, to her embrace of motherhood, her time as a schoolteacher, and then as the first woman of colour to be an Archdeacon in the Church of England.

Told through grief and with compassion, humour and love, this deeply personal memoir is Mina's beacon of hope.


  • Mina Smallman is as tough as she is warm
    The Guardian

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