What If I Never Get Over You

What If I Never Get Over You


Three days to fall in love. Six years to try to forget.

Ellie didn’t expect to fall in love while travelling in Europe. But she also didn’t expect to meet a man like Ash.

Three blistering days in Lisbon is all it takes to form an unforgettable connection – deep enough for them to plan to meet again in Madrid. But Ellie arrives late, and Ash is nowhere to be found.

Six years later, the memory of Ash and their time together still burns deeply in Ellie’s heart. She hopes that her dream job as a gardener on a grand estate in Wales will bring the fresh start she desperately needs.

But when Ash unexpectedly crashes back into her life, Ellie is forced to question if the universe has other plans...

About the author

Paige Toon

Paige Toon is the bestselling author of sixteen adult novels and three young adult titles, and her books have sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

Paige writes sweeping, emotional love stories filled with incredible settings and characters you’ll never forget. She tells nuanced stories with big, thought- provoking themes at their heart which leave you uplifted and believing in the power of love. You will laugh, cry and feel like you’ve become part of a new family. She lives in Cambridgeshire with her husband and their two children.
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