Doctor Who Icons (3)

Doctor Who Icons (3)


*The Fifteenth Doctor meets a literary legend in the third of three brand-new novellas starring inspiring characters from history.*

The best stories should never be unwritten…

When a strange signal echoes through time to the heart of the TARDIS, the Doctor follows it to the home of Shirley Jackson.

But the strangeness deepens when they find a sinister figure sowing chaos and discord with the use of a glowing box – encouraging a crowd to murderous deeds.

Catapulted back to Shirley Jackson’s own era by the TARDIS, the Doctor (with the help of the time-struck author) must discover the origins of the box, and the terrible power that it wields . . .

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Doctor Who

Doctor Who is the longest running sci-fi show in the world, and a flagship BBC property. First appearing on air in 1963, it follows the adventures of the Doctor, a Time Lord who travels through time and space, fighting alien monsters and saving the universe.
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