• Gravely beautiful, subtle and haunting

  • Astonishing, tender. A perfect novel

    Sunday Telegraph
  • Stark yet tender, without a single false note. There will be only a handful of novels worth reading this year (or any year) . . . this book is certainly one

    Literary Review
  • Flawless . . . not a single word seems out of place. Guaranteed to keep you reading - all trhough the night if necessary - to find out what happens. Trevor's best novel

    New Statesman
  • Striking, throughtful. Written with grace and finesse and charged throughout with a persuasive disquiet

  • Dark, elegantly written . . . a book to relish

    Independent on Sunday
  • Unusual, beguiling, beautiful

    The Times
  • A masterwork. I doubt that I have read a book as moving in at least a decade. A homage to the gift of redemptive love

    Fegal Keane, Independent