• Simon Baron-Cohen combines his creative talent with evidence and reason to make the case that evil is essentially a failure of empathy. It is an understanding that can enlighten an old debate and hold out the promise of new remedies.

    The Illusionist
  • A book that gets to the heart of man's inhumanity to man... Baron-Cohen has made a major contribution to our understanding of autism

  • Fascinating... bold

    Sunday Times
  • Ground-breaking and important...This humane and immensely sympathetic book calls us to the task of reinterpreting aberrant human behaviour so that we might find ways of changing it for the better...The effect...is not to diminish the concept of human evil, but to demystify it

    Literary Review
  • Fascinating and disturbing

    Sunday Telegraph
  • Isn't it lucky...that the very people who can't put themselves into other people's shoes, have a champion [in Simon Baron-Cohen] who, by dint of his curiosity, has turned it into an art form?

  • Attractively humane...fascinating information about the relation between degrees of empathy and the state of our brains.

    Financial Times
  • Easy to read and packed with anecdotes. The author conveys brain research with verve.

    Science Focus
  • Zero Degrees of Empathy is short, clear, and highly readable. Baron-Cohen guides you through his complex material as of you were a student attending a course of lectures. There's no excuse for not understanding anything he says... he is an outstandingly effective communicator of serious science. His passionate optimism, his belief that scientific study can deepen our humanity, lies at the heart of his theorising

    The Spectator
  • In a book that is partly a popular science treatise and partly a self-help manual... he interweaves life stories and clinical evidence in an engaging and informative manner... He is grappling with one of the most important questions for our times

    Times Higher Education