• Formidable ... one of the most impressive and stimulating studies of the period ever published

    Max Hastings, Sunday Times
  • Easily the best book ever written on the subject ... A work of rare beauty that combines meticulous research with sensitive analysis and elegant prose. The enormous weight of its quality inspires amazement and awe ... Academics should take note: Good history can still be a good story

    Washington Post
  • A lovingly researched work of the highest scholarship. It is hard to believe we will ever see a better narrative of what was perhaps the biggest collective blunder in the history of international relations

    Niall Ferguson
  • [Reading The Sleepwalkers], it is as if a light had been turned on a half-darkened stage of shadowy characters cursing among themselves without reason ... [Clark] demolishes the standard view ... The brilliance of Clark's far-reaching history is that we are able to discern how the past was genuinely prologue ... In conception, steely scholarship and piercing insights, his book is a masterpiece

    Harold Evans, New York Times Book Review
  • Impeccably researched, provocatively argued and elegantly written ... a model of scholarship

    Sunday Times Books of the Year
  • Superb ... effectively consigns the old historical consensus to the bin ... It's not often that one has the privilege of reading a book that reforges our understanding of one of the seminal events of world history

    Mail Online
  • A monumental new volume ... Revelatory, even revolutionary ... Clark has done a masterful job explaining the inexplicable

    Boston Globe
  • Superb ... One of the great mysteries of history is how Europe's great powers could have stumbled into World War I ... This is the single best book I have read on this important topic

    Fareed Zakaria
  • A meticulously researched, superbly organized, and handsomely written account

    Military History
  • Clark is a masterly historian ... His account vividly reconstructs key decision points while deftly sketching the context driving them ... A magisterial work

    Wall Street Journal