• Remarkable, powerful

    The Times
  • Amazing... she makes it impossible to think of the war in the old terms

    Daily Mail
  • Fascinating, shocking ... For anyone who thought that the subject of food in the Second World War could be dispatched with a few clichés about digging for victory

    Mail on Sunday
  • Ambitious, compelling, fascinating... uncomfortable reading if you began by believing in the possibility of a just war

  • This fascinating calorie-centric history of the greatest conflict in world history is wholly convincing

    Andrew Roberts
  • A powerful and important book... One of the beauties of this book is its savage unpicking of cherished myths

  • Lizzie Collingham's book possesses the notable virtue of originality...[She] has gathered many strands to pursue an important theme across a global canvas. She reminds us of the timeless truth that all human and political behaviour is relative

    Max Hastings
  • The great merits of [this] book...lie in its extraordinary range...and in the entirely new perspective it throws on the Second World War

    Bernard Potter, London Review of Books