Cornerstone publishes books that connect with people. We love discovering new voices, unearthing stories and taking them to new audiences. When a book starts a conversation or tops the charts, we get excited because it means people out there are getting pleasure from what we do.

For us, it’s about using our enthusiasm and expertise to bring great storytelling on all kinds of subjects to as many people as possible.

No matter what we’re publishing - a new talent, a big brand name or a backlist gem - we aim to create books that matter to people.

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Contact representatives from Cornerstone for enquiries relating to titles from Arrow, Century, Hutchinson, #Merky Books, Random House Business Books, William Heinemann and Windmill.

Charlotte Bush

Director of Publicity and Media Relations

Tel: 02078408613

Klara Zak

Director, Cornerstone Imprints

Tel: 02078408548

Najma Finlay

Director, Cornerstone Imprints

Tel: 02078408614

Laura Brooke

Director, Cornerstone Imprints

Tel: 02078408695

Rachel Kennedy

Senior Publicity Manager, Century and Del Rey UK

Tel: 02078408893

Isabelle Ralphs

Publicity Manager, Cornerstone

Tel: 02078408388

Laura O’Donnell

Press Officer, Cornerstone

Tel: 02078408690

Marie-Louise Patton

Publicity Manager, Cornerstone

Alice Dewing

Senior Publicity Manager, Hutchinson Heinemann, #Merky Books and Cornerstone Press

Sabrina Parker

Publicity Assistant, Cornerstone

Tel: 07795412946


Spring 2024

Hutchinson Heinemann, Cornerstone Press, #MerkyBooks


Spring 2024

Century, Del Rey, Inklore and Penguin Paperbacks


Autumn 2023

Hutchinson Heinemann, Cornerstone Press, #MerkyBooks


Autumn 2023

Century, Del Rey, and Penguin Paperbacks


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