Andrew Goodfellow


Still, after 20 years, I feel ridiculously lucky to be the divisional publisher at Ebury and get to go to work every morning with so many inspiring editors and authors. We are a very down-to-earth bunch and really try to publish books for every type of person and every type of life. Many of our books genuinely change lives for the better: books that might inspire you politically or motivate you personally; books to help with your health and wellbeing or to push you on in life and discover what’s important to you; a book to fuel a hobby, an obsession or a passion; or maybe something just to entertain you at the end of a hard week.

Always curious, I’ve published books on just about every imprint at Ebury. I tend to get excited by inspiring memoir, absorbing personal narratives, anything leftfield and uniquely clever, politics, philosophy, sport and I’m a real foodie too. Some of the current authors I’m lucky enough to be involved with include Chris Packham, Orwell award winner Darren McGarvey, Caitlin Moran, Edith Eger, Peter Crouch, Claudia Roden, Pam Ayres and Jamie Bartlett. If there was something that united them, it is that they are all unique and exceptional writers who deliver books that only they could write and are loved by their readers. I, and we at Ebury, are always looking for those truly original voices that connect.

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