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At Penguin General we aim to publish good books that can be picked up and enjoyed by everyone. Our many readers, like our authors, stretch around the globe, and what unites both is an intelligent curiosity about the world around us, as well as a love of great storytelling.

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Penguin General Publicity Enquiries

Contact representatives from Penguin General for enquiries relating to titles from Fig Tree, Hamish Hamilton, Penguin Life, Penguin Business and Viking.

Federica Trogu

Communications Assistant

Tel: 02078408567

Elise Harvey

Campaigns Officer

Rosie Safaty

Campaigns Officer

Tel: 02071393452

Kayla Fuller

Campaigns Officer

Tel: 02071393193

Corinna Bolino

Campaigns Manager (Penguin Life, Business & NF)

Tel: 02071393728

Olivia Mead

Senior Campaigns Manager

Tel: 02071393707

Chloe Davies

Head of Campaigns

Tel: 02071393661

Jane Gentle

Head of Campaigns

Tel: 02071393658

Poppy North

Associate Communications Director

Tel: 02071393254

Julia Murday

Associate Publisher, Penguin Life and Penguin Business

Tel: 02071393288

Anna Ridley

Associate Publisher, Penguin General

Tel: 02071393278

Amelia Fairney

Penguin General Communications Director

Tel: 02071393247


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