Pippa Wright

Publishing Director, Penguin Life

At Penguin Life, my team and I publish non-fiction books across many categories from work to relationships to productivity, health, fitness and popular psychology. All of our books share a common theme of helping readers optimise their lives. I love authors who combine brilliant communication with integrity and experience, and I'm particularly keen on those who can reach the biggest possible international audience. My favourite books to work on are those where the author converts me into a passionate evangelist for their work, to the extent that I can't help myself pressing the book on everyone I know.

Authors I have published in the past (and pressed on many others) include Dr Nicole LePera, Davinia Taylor, Cal Newport, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey, Sandi Toksvig, Dr Ellen Vora, Kelly & Juliet Starrett and Louise Glazebrook.

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