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Fern Press is a dynamic international community and space for those working at the frontier of creativity and thought. We look to forge connections between the analytical and creative imaginations. Part of the Vintage division of Penguin Random House, we are committed to doing things differently, from how we commission to how we publish. We are interested in ideas, perspectives and stories that ignite fresh thinking and open paths to new worlds. 

Our books will enrich and inspire readers looking for ways to understand themselves, our cultures, our societies and our planet. And we share their curiosity, seeking writers who are breaking new ground, from scientists, historians, leading global thinkers and activists, to singular literary voices, critics, creative artists, pioneers in technology and design, and more.  

We’re here as global partners, supporting our authors to innovate, reach new audiences and to publish their best work. We bring editorial excellence and beautiful design to our publishing. This reflects our conviction that great books come from exploration, creative collaboration, passion and vision. 

Artists in image © Mamma Andersson, Stephen Gill, Tina Berning, David Bowie, Hans Pinn, Suzanne Dean, and Skull, 19th Century lithograph, courtesy of Wellcome Collection.

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Artwork in image © Mamma Andersson

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For enquiries relating to titles from Fern Press, contact the Vintage publicity team.