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Fern Press is a dynamic international community and space for those working at the frontier of creativity and thought. We look to forge connections between the analytical and creative imaginations. Part of the Vintage division of Penguin Random House, we are committed to doing things differently, from how we commission to how we publish. We are interested in ideas, perspectives and stories that ignite fresh thinking and open paths to new worlds. 

Our books will enrich and inspire readers looking for ways to understand themselves, our cultures, our societies and our planet. And we share their curiosity, seeking writers who are breaking new ground, from scientists, historians, leading global thinkers and activists, to singular literary voices, critics, creative artists, pioneers in technology and design, and more.  

We’re here as global partners, supporting our authors to innovate, reach new audiences and to publish their best work. We bring editorial excellence and beautiful design to our publishing. This reflects our conviction that great books come from exploration, creative collaboration, passion and vision. 

'The logo was created in response to images of unfurling ferns, as they awaken to the sun and warming earth. We decided not to go for a more obvious image of a fern, but something more notional and suggestive. The resulting logo is a neat circular shape that encapsulates the global reach of Fern Press and its publishing.’

- Suzanne Dean, Creative Director at Vintage

Artists in image © Mamma Andersson, Stephen Gill, Tina Berning, David Bowie, Hans Pinn, Suzanne Dean, and Skull, 19th Century lithograph, courtesy of Wellcome Collection.

Our Authors

V13 by Emmanuel Carrère In this deeply humane and eye-opening book, the internationally acclaimed French writerlooks behind the scenes of the Bataclan terror trial known as V13 and reports on the long judicial process and harrowing testimonies, the voices of the victims, the brave people who tried to stop the terrorists, the lawyers, the families of victims and perpetrators. 

A Thousand Threads by Neneh Cherry will be the first title published by Fern Press, in spring 2024. The 80s and 90s pop icon delves deep into her family story to reveal a life centred on artistic collaboration, family and love. A beautiful and powerful work that celebrates music, culture, identity and the power of human connection.  

Men Without Men by Angelica Ferrara A Stanford University and LSE development and educational psychologist dives into the crisis of male connection through a feminist lens, examining the individual and societal impact of the lack of deep emotional connection between men.  

Stranger Than Fiction by Edwin Frank The founder and editorial director of the New York Review of Books Classics series writes about the twentieth-century novel through thirty books from around the world, and considers how they have radically reshaped the literary form. 

Like Love by Maggie Nelson is a raucous collection of essays about art and literature drawn from twenty years of work by the bestselling author of The Argonauts, Bluets and On Freedom, bringing to life the author’s passion for dialogue and dissent.

Yuval Noah Harari The globally bestselling author of Sapiens, Homo Deus and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century will publish his next book on Fern Press.

Togetherness by Rowan Hooper A thrilling popular science book by a biologist and journalist for the New Scientist who considers the importance of symbiosis for life on earth and how we might use it to shape our environmental future, the climate crisis and our understanding of the world.  

The End of Normal by Sami Timimi A hard-hitting book by a leading British psychiatrist who considers how mental health and trauma are shaped by our politics, economics and culture, and how the way we talk about mental life and emotional distress is itself colonised and then monetised. 

Birth Story by Elizabeth Prochaska Taking power as its principal theme, this book by the human rights lawyer, Birthrights activist and historian will argue that the history of childbirth is the story of an eternal struggle for self-determination. It will be a catalyst for a new understanding of the history of power and humanity and a turning point in the global conversation around how women have experienced their power and resisted, evaded and accommodated the controls placed on it.  

Empire Without End by Imaobong Umoren is a comprehensive new history of the relationship between Britain and the Caribbean, and a radical investigation into the roots of systemic racism in our lives today. International historian and prize-winning author Umoren explores how a racial-caste order was established in the Caribbean and how it was exported back to Britain and continued to dominate social, political and economic life in both territories into the twenty-first century. 

Crisis by Jerome Roos A riveting history of global crises by the LSE political economist will tell the story of a thousand years of global order and disorder to place our current moment in historical perspective and consider how these crises have been crucial turning points, ushering in new world systems from the ashes of the old. 

Life Story by Jonathan Loh A groundbreaking journey through the origins of life, culture and language on our planet by a biologist and consultant on biological and cultural diversity. It will explore how nature gave birth to culture, and how they grew apart, and asks what evolutionary history lessons we can learn to help us face the future as we reach one of the most critical junctures in the history of life on earth. 

All Freud's Children by Hannah Zeavin tells the history of psychonalysis by centering those closest to the practice: the children. Through a fascinating blend of memoir, cultural history and biography, Zeavin looks at how the children of analysts came to play a major but forgotten role in the most decisive theory of self in the 20th century. This extraordinary book will restore the children of analysts to their rightful place in our shared history and offer an introduction to psychoanalysis through a very unique group portrait.

Forest for the Trees by Eduardo Kohn is a new exploration of non-human forms of intelligence and consciousness in the inner life of the forest from the McGill University Professor of Anthropology and author of the seminal How Forests Think

Free Fall by Jeffrey C. Stewart By the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The New Negro, a sweeping history of how African-American thinkers challenged and expanded the meaning of American identity and democracy, navigated tensions between intellectual life and activism, explored new ideas about masculinity and feminism and their intersection with race, and participated in global conversation about the Black experience. 

I Know Where I’m Going by Viv Albertine is a candid visual account of a life dedicated to art – the ups and downs, the failures and successes – from a central figure of British counterculture – a trailblazing disruptor and innovator committed to honesty, defiance and humour. Viv will also publish her debut novel with Fern Press.

White Lie by Samuel Agbamu covers the construction of Europe over almost three thousand years, showing how the continent came to be aligned with ideas of whiteness and defined against those who were perceived as not white. Classics lecturer Agbamu argues for the continued importance of the Classics in understanding the modern world and probes at a new, inclusive humanism.

How to Read by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst is a joyous and moving account from an English professor of a life spent reading, and of the books that have formed, sustained and entertained him over the years. How to Read reveals the pleasure in slowing down to get more from the page, arguing that we don’t just lose ourselves in books but can find ourselves through them, too.

Artwork in image © Mamma Andersson

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