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Social impact has always been part of our DNA. In 1935 our founder, Allen Lane, established Penguin to make good quality books affordable and accessible to everyone. In doing so, he created a paperback revolution that democratised literature and transformed publishing.

We remain true to Allen Lane’s original vision today through our mission: we make books for everyone, because a book can change anyone.

Our Social Impact Manifesto

#1 We give everyone equal access to books

We make books for everyone, but the reality is that not everyone in society has the means or opportunity to read books.

That’s why we work with foodbanks, prisons and homeless shelters across the UK, to put books into the hands of people and communities who may not otherwise be able to afford or access them.

#2 We create the readers of the future

We know that books can change minds and transform futures. By connecting young people to the power of our books and authors, we help them to see the world from many different viewpoints.

#3 We make books for everyone

We believe every reader should find books and authors that speak to them and reflect their life experiences.  From our authors and illustrators to our publishing teams, we want to ensure the creators of our books truly represent the society we live in.

That’s why we’re working towards our goal for our new hires and authors we acquire to represent UK society by 2023. And aiming to create a culture of belonging where everyone can be themselves. 

Underpinning everything we do, every day:

We defend our editorial independence
We publish responsibly, with our editorial principles in mind
We protect freedom of speech
We think and act for the planet


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