To be a truly inclusive publisher and employer we need to recognise and challenge the inequalities which exist in our society, and the complex, difficult and systemic issues that have historically helped some, while holding others back.

TOM WELDON, CEO, Penguin Random House UK

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Diversity & Inclusion Report

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Our strategy focuses on three priority areas

1. Representation in all teams, at all levels

Our ambition is for our entire company to reflect the rich diversity of UK society, including at senior level.

Positive action senior editorial traineeship

2. A culture where everyone can belong

We want to create a culture where everyone feels able to speak up and voice their views and ideas, and feels heard when they do, because others are willing to learn and listen.  

Inclusion performance goal for colleagues
Financial compensation for colleague network chairs
Inclusion language and allyship training for colleagues

3. Publishing books for everyone

Books are a portal to enter new worlds, to inhabit someone else’s shoes, to open one’s eyes to new perspectives. Everyone should be able to see themselves, and their communities, authentically reflected in the books they read.

Lit in Colour

Supporting schools to diversify teaching

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