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This year we are looking exclusively for compelling love stories, family drama, crime, thriller, and comedy novels. We're looking for books with a fast-moving plot and a tantalising hook that reels the reader in — fiction novels that will engross and captivate readers, often referred to as "commercial fiction".

About you

We're looking for new writers, so you won't have published a book in the last 10 years through a commercial publishing house. You also won’t have a literary agent or any publishing contract at the moment.

You’ll come from a background that you believe is currently under-represented in books and publishing. We’ll ask you to tell us in your own words what this means for you. For example, you could be from a socio-economically marginalised background, identify as Black, Asian, or minority ethnic or LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer), or be disabled.

You’ll be at least 18 years old and be resident in the UK or Ireland. 

We’ll also ask you to submit your manuscript in English.

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About your writing

We know that great stories come in all shapes and sizes. This year we are looking specifically for "commercial fiction" — books with a fast-moving plot, a page-turning narrative that sucks you in to the world of the story, and a gripping hook.

Although we are looking for applications from writers who are under-represented in UK and Irish publishing, there is no expectation for you to write about your background. It's completely up to you who your characters are, or where you choose to set your book.

Commercial fiction is generally genre-specific — in other words you need to think about what sort of story you are telling. We are looking for compelling love stories, family drama, crime, thriller, and comedy novels that will engross and captivate readers.

We will not be accepting applications of fantasy, science fiction, literary fiction, non-fiction, young adult, or children's books this time round. If you are working on a book that is not eligible for WriteNow, you can find more support and other opportunities on our Getting Published hub.

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