Getting Published

The process of getting your first book published can often seem daunting. Even if you have completed the huge challenge of finishing your manuscript, it may feel difficult to know where to go next, or how to understand all the different components of the publishing process.

Here, we've created a hub of information on everything around the subject of getting published for both writers and illustrators. Take a look through the sub-menus to find answers to your questions.

From how we work as a publishing house, to pitching a book to an agent, explaining advances and royalties, and support on living as a writer, we're here to guide you through every step of getting published.

The publishing process explained

Illustration of someone writing on their laptop with long reel of paper coming out like a printer

How to make 2022 the year you write your book

Had a book idea that’s been waiting patiently at the back of your mind for the right moment? Make writing it your new year’s goal.

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Illustration of person writing a cookbook surrounded by images of chopping, an oven, a food processor

How to get your cookbook published

Writing children's books

Insight from our authors

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Getting an agent

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Illustration of production and design teams, doing colour matching, taking calls, a production line of books in boxes.

Job roles in book cover design and production

Our design and production teams answer all your questions, with insights on their day-to-day work and what skills they think are most useful.

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Illustrators and designers

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Life as an author

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Illustration of person surrounded by trophies, certificates and literary journals/creative writing magazines

Writing prizes and opportunities

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