Adam Grant on Achieving Greatness, 18 Jan 2024

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This brilliant book will shatter your assumptions about what it takes to improve and succeed. I wish I could go back in time and gift it to my younger self. It would’ve helped me find a more joyful path to progress”  –  Serena Williams

Adam Grant is one of the most sought after organisational psychologists in the world. He has provided expert advice to many of the world’s greatest business leaders, including Bill Gates and Sheryl Sandberg, equipping them with the mental tools to find motivation and meaning, rethink assumptions, and achieve greatness in their business and personal lives.

On January 18 Grant comes to London for a rare exclusive event where he will share his revolutionary framework for how we can all exceed the expectations and aspirations we have set for ourselves. Drawing on his new book Hidden Potential he will explain that despite living in a world that tends to admire people who start out with innate talent, there is clear scientific evidence that we can all bridge the biology gap and improve ourselves dramatically.

In conversation with economist and FT columnist Tim Harford, Grant will weave together groundbreaking evidence, surprising insights, and vivid story telling to take us from the classroom to the boardroom and the playground to the Olympics. He will reveal how progress depends not so much on how hard we work and more on how well we learn. Growth is not about the genius we possess – it’s about the character we develop. He will explain how to build the character skills and motivational structures to realise our own potential, and how to design systems that create opportunities for those who have been underrated and overlooked.

This event is in partnership with Penguin and Intelligence Squared.


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