Anne-Marie Imafidon: She’s in CTRL, 23 October 2022

Hear the call for women to claim their seats at the table, lab and keyboard to ensure a tech-led future that benefits us all, from lauded computer scientist Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE.

At this event, the Countdown host and CEO of Stemettes discusses themes from her powerful book, She’s in CTRL, including women, tech and daring to dream.

She draws on her own experience and the stories of other pioneers and innovators who have, against the odds, transformed technology.

Our lives have gone digital and changed over the years, but men still greatly dominate the industry, meaning that technology risks being tailored to one half of society.

Technology is in our homes and in our hands, and yet women are woefully under-represented in tech – accounting for a mere quarter of the UK STEM workforce – often resulting in the tech world feeling beyond reach for many.

Technology is not an unchangeable force, nor the preserve of the elite, Dr Imafidon argues. The world needs more women in tech and, in this inspiring event, Dr Imafidon shows us not only why this is, but also how we can all play our part in ensuring a future that's evenly distributed.

Presented in partnership with Southbank Centre

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