Carlo Rovelli Meets Simon McBurney, 25 Oct 2023

Carlo Rovelli in black tshirt and black background

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What happens at the bottom of a black hole? Join the superstar physicist and founder of Complicite for an Alice in Wonderland trip to the edge of space and time, science and imagination.

“Carlo Rovelli is a genius … this is where science comes to life” - Neil Gaiman

Carlo Rovelli is no ordinary scientist. With a genius for revealing the mysteries the universe to those of us without his gifts, he is the heir to Hawking, Sagan, and Feynman; and alone among the leaders of theoretical physics, he draws as much upon art, philosophy, and myth as equations and experiments to illuminate the splendour and strangeness of reality. Carlo's White Holes is a mesmerizing trip to the strange new world.

Now he joins one of the UK’s preeminent theatre practitioners, the wildly innovative actor, director, and founder of Complicite, Simon McBurney, for a journey to the heart of one of the most exhilarating questions in science – what happens at the bottom of a black hole?

Drawing together the full richness of his thinking about science and the arts, from Einstein to Dante’s journey in the Divine Comedy, we’ll cross the horizon of a black hole, then plunge and fall, watching geometry fold around us and time and space pull and stretch as we hurtle towards the bottom, making a quantum leap across a point where time and space dissolve, and up and out, through a white hole and back to the stars.  

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This event is presented in partnership with How To Academy and Penguin.

Photography bu Louiza Vradi.


The venue is wheelchair accessible, please send any enquiries regarding access to:

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