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James O’Brien in conversation: How To Be Right, 12 June 2019

James O'Brien author image
James O'Brien author image

Hear the voice of reason in a world that won’t shut up.

James will be discussing how to dismantle small minded ideals and conquer prejudice as we mark the paperback publication of his Sunday Times bestseller How To Be Right... in a world gone wrongHe will be joined by broadcaster and writer Danny Wallace. 

As a voice of reason in British broadcasting, with an ear to the nation most politicians can only dream of, James O’Brien has established himself on his ability to debunk and dismiss the nonsensical prejudices and hypocrisies of modern political debate – from Islam and Islamism to Brexit, LGBTQI, Political Correctness, Feminism, The Age Gap and Trump.

James will discuss his experiences, with real-life examples, from his top-rating show and podcast, to explain the duping of the public by the misguided agendas of right-wing politicians and the media, as well as the tactics he uses to reveal inconsistencies and double-standards in their arguments.

Don’t miss your chance to hear from two of Britain’s most incisive, witty and necessary voices, and be prepared for an entertaining and mind-opening evening.

Danny Wallace is a multi-award-winning television and radio presenter, a bestselling author of 17 books (including Yes Man and Awkward Situations for Men), a BAFTA-winning voiceover artist and Jim Carrey played him in a Hollywood film.

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