From the thrilling cold-war espionage of The Spy and the Traitorto the feminist medieval heroines of Femina, to Britain's post-colonial reckoning in Empireland, to the grim folklore of a 17th-century frontier town in The Ruin of All Witchesthere's the perfect history book for every period and interest. Find the latest reads by key authors including Marc Morris and James Holland, as well as books about an array of topics such as European History, the British Empire, and World War history. For fans of the latter, find the ultimate World War II reading list here.


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History in moments

Chernobyl TV series. Photo copyright HBO

Chernobyl: in search of what really happened

Adam Higginbotham, an expert on Chernobyl, dives deeper into the human cost of the 1986 disaster.


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Understanding Ukraine and Russia

British and Irish history

Britain during conflict

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World history

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Whitechapel alleway jack the ripper


5 things you didn't know about Jack the Ripper's victims

Jack the Ripper is famous for brutally murdering five women in East London. But what about the women themselves? Time and time again women have taken a backseat in their own narratives, but historian Hallie Rubenhold wants to set the record straight and give the female victims back their voices.


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