Hi! I’m Your Birthday Twin podcast

Some of you may know Alix Summers from her previous podcast series, All Woman, some of you may not. This podcast is incredibly different.

In 2019 Alix Summers spent time interviewing a woman called Josie Fair for what she thought was going to be a light-hearted podcast on the theme of being birthday twins. As you will all know by now, that project was shelved abruptly as real life collided with the podcast and things turned very, very dark.

It’s taken months for Alix to feel ready to revisit the podcast and its aftermath, but she’s ready now…

This is Hi! I’m Your Birthday Twin

DISCLAIMER: This podcast has been created using extracts from the audiobook of Lisa Jewell’s book None Of This Is True (publishing 20 July 2023). ‘Hi! I’m Your Birthday Twin’ is the fictionalised podcast that features in the book. This is therefore a marketing stunt and the content is fiction. For the full story and reading experience you can order your copy of None of This is True here.


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