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A Dutiful Boy (KS5)

by Mohsin Zaidi

WINNER of the Polari First Book Prize 2021
WINNER of the LAMBDA 2021 Literary Award for Best Gay Memoir/Biography

A Dutiful Boy by Mohsin Zaidi, is a personal journey from denial to acceptance: a revelatory memoir about the power of love, belonging, and living every part of your identity.

Growing up in a devout Muslim household, it felt impossible for Mohsin to be gay. Unable to be open with his family, and with difficult conditions at school, he felt his opportunities closing around him. Despite the odds, Mohsin's perseverance led him to become the first person from his school to attend Oxford University, where new experiences and encounters helped him to discover who he truly wanted to be. Mohsin was confronted with the biggest decision he would ever make: to live the life that was expected of him or to live as his authentic self.

Guardian, GQ, and New Statesman Book of the Year

‘A captivating, eloquent and genuinely inspiring memoir... Beautifully written, dignified and ultimately redemptive, this challenging story abounds with light and love’  

Attitude Magazine

‘A remarkable memoir...an incredibly moving read. I had to put the book down several times to cry...it's a book that will save lives.’

Sathnam Sanghera


Age: Key Stage Five

Subject: English Literature & Language

Non-fiction Autobiography/Memoir: A Dutiful Boy

Author: Mohsin Zaidi

This resource activity pack gives KS5 students opportunities to engage with memoir; exploring ideas around identity and belonging in Britain, with a particular focus on race and intersectionality. There are activities for reading, speaking, analysis and critical thinking. This resource encourages students to engage with different migrants experiences of living in Britain and how this has been written about.

The activities in the resource packs are designed to be used alongside the videos of Mohsin Zaidi reading Chapter 14 and interview video which gives additional context to the book as a whole and Chapter 14. There is a corresponding pdf version of the text extract, and another with guided questions.

What's included in the resource pack?

Mohsin Zaidi extract reading and context videos (YouTube videos, see below)

- Activities PowerPoint  (aimed towards KS5 students)
- A Dutiful Boy Chapter 14 Text Extract pdf
- A Dutiful Boy Chapter 14 Text Extract with Guided Questions pdf
- KS5 New Cross Massacre Article
- KS5 Resource Lesson Plan

How to use the pack

- Review the Resource Lesson Plan
- Go through the activities PowerPoint
- Watch the videos and use the text version pdf of Chapter 14 with the guided questions

Download KS5 resource pack

Please allow time for the download to start




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