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City of Stolen Magic (KS2/3)

by Nazneen Ahmed Pathak

A spellbinding, epic and heart-racing magical adventure from an exquisite new storytelling talent.

1855. The British rule, and all across the country, Indian magic is being stamped out.

More terrifying still, people born with magic are being snatched from their homes. Rumour is that they are being taken across the sea - to England - by the all-powerful, sinister Company.

When Chompa's home is attacked and her mother viciously kidnapped, Chompa - born with powerful and dangerous magic that she has always been forbidden from using - must travel to the smoky, bustling streets of East London in search of her. But Chompa will discover far more treachery in London than she had bargained for - and will learn that every act of her rare magic comes with a price . . .

'A wonderful writer who paints a thoroughly convincing heroine' 

The Daily Telegraph

'A gripping and spellbinding fantasy woven together with threads of magic, secrets and colonial history . . . An incredible cast of characters and a truly multicultural Victorian London that we don't see often enough' 

Rashmi Sirdeshpande


Age: Key Stage 2/3 (middle grade)

Subject: English Literature

Fiction Text: City of Stolen Magic

The activities in this resource pack give KS2/3 students opportunities to engage with a fiction text. There are activities for comprehension and critical analysis, structuring ideas and looking for descriptive and narrative techniques.

The activities in the resource pack are designed to be used alongside the videos below of author Nazneen Ahmed Pathak, who reads aloud two extracts in addition to introducing the text, talking about Character and Theme, Language and Structure and Editing.

What's included in the resource pack?

- Nazneen Ahmed Pathak on Introduction, Character & Theme, Language & Structure, Editing (four videos, see below)

- Nazneen Ahmed Pathak extract readings (two videos, see below)

- Activity PowerPoint

- Activity Worksheets PDF (three documents)

- Additional Activity PowerPoint

- Text Extracts PDFs (two documents)

- Map illustration PDFs (two documents)

How to use the pack

- Review all videos below

- Download resource pack, which includes the activity PowerPoint presentations and all accompanying documents

- Take your students through the activities and watch the corresponding videos with the author

- Use the worksheets and text extracts to support the activities

Download resource pack

City of Stolen Magic resource pack

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