• Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo

  • A hilarious short story from Rick Riordan, that unites Percy Jackson with the god Apollo - this edition exclusively for World Book Day 2019

    When the god Apollo asks for a favour, it's never going to be straightforward.

    Percy Jackson is celebrating a friend's birthday when Apollo turns up. The god is supposed to perform on Mount Olympus, but one of his four beautiful singers is missing.

    So Percy sets off to bring her back - but one of the singers is after a shot at a solo career, and is holding up New York! With the bright lights of Broadway in the background, can Percy find the rogue performer, and return her to Apollo - in time for his big number on Mount Olympus?

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  • Diary of Greg Heffley's Best Friend: World Book Day 2019

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid

  • Greg Heffley's best friend, Rowley Jefferson, has been stood on the side-lines for too long.
    This World Book Day he is taking centre stage, and writing a journal that's all about him.

    (Oh, except he will also be acting as Greg's biographer, as one day Greg will be rich and famous.)

    The only thing is, Rowley isn't really up to the job as biographer, and it turns into a hilarious rambling mess!

    This HUGELY EXCITING Wimpy Kid World Book Day book is the opening to the BRAND NEW Wimpy Kid story by Jeff Kinney, Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid, available 9th April!

    Rowley's journal is a new window into the Wimpy World, and one fans won't want to miss!

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