Changes and New Beginnings feat. Jennifer Saunders, Jane Fallon and John Steinbeck

As winter is receding and blossoms are bursting, we’re thinking about the new beginnings and the changes that Spring brings.

Perhaps its the (slowly) rising temperatures or the sunsets pushing later into the evening, but the prospect of new possibilities seem endless. It might be going out to meet new people, starting a new job, picking up an unfinished project or reinventing something in the past for today.  Yes, change can seem daunting, but we say embrace it.

But don't just take our word for it... we did our research and the people we know best (our lovely authors) can vouch for how funny, exciting and life-changing new beginnings can be.  It's a major theme in so many of their books - and... if you think about it... there wouldn't be much of a story if things stayed the same would there?!

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