6 easy steps to make a bookworm’s ultimate Christmas stocking

This is the Christmas stocking that the book lover in your life really wants. Here’s how to make it in six simple steps.

1. Forget the stocking...


Ditch the socks and use an iconic Penguin tote bag instead. Pick the recipient’s favourite title and they’ll use their bag for book shopping all year round!

2. Start with a classic...

how to make the ultimate bookworm christmas stocking

A stunning tote needs a beautiful book to match. We’ve gone for an elegant Clothbound Classic to make ours extra special.

3. Add a few festive books...

how to make the ultimate bookworm christmas stocking

Your favourite book lover will be itching to curl up with a seasonal read, and we’ve got some crackers to choose from. Delight fans of Regency romance with Georgette Heyer’s Snowdrift, captivate arty types with the William Morris illustrations in V&A: The Twelve Day of Christmas, or treat the creative and crafty to Johanna Basford’s Christmas-inspired colouring adventure.

4. Choose a notebook...

how to make the ultimate bookworm christmas stocking

They’ll love jotting down book reviews or making a start on their own novel in a notebook inspired by their favourite Penguin paperback. Can’t choose? We love this one featuring a whole shelf of Penguin spines. It’s almost too gorgeous to write in.

5. Print out a Penguin bookmark and game…

how to make the ultimate bookworm christmas stocking

Losing your page steals valuable reading time! Help them avoid it by downloading and printing one of our free bookmarks and adding it to their haul. The seriously well-read will also love testing their book knowledge with our printable Classic Books crossword. Don’t forget to add in a pencil and the solutions!

6. Make it personal...

how to make the ultimate bookworm christmas stocking

It’s time to fill up the gaps with your book-lover’s favourite treats. Tie the handles with colourful ribbons or tinsel, then hang up your tote for your special someone to find on Christmas morning.

Your stocking is complete!

Bookish stocking

Here's what we put in our stocking:

Christmas stocking
Pride and Prejudice tote bag
Penguin Pride Bookmark
Penguin Pride Bookmark
Penguin spines notebook
Penguin Spines Notebook
First Lines Crossword
Find the first lines crossword
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