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Where to start with Pittacus Lore

If you’re into dystopian sagas like Twilight and The Hunger Games, Pittacus Lore and the I am Number Four books could be for you. Here's everything you need to know about getting started with the series.

What should I know about the series?

Pittacus Lore is both writer and character in these books, in which he tells the ‘true story’ of the Lorien survivors. He is revealed as a mysterious character tied up in the events themselves.

Part way between science fiction and fantasy, the books feature both technology and magic, with a real-world backdrop spanning several earthly continents.

What are the books about?

Number Four is a member of alien family the Garde, made up of nine royal survivors of the planet Lorien, who all have superpowers. On Earth he goes by the name of John Smith. He was raised by a protector, Henri, who pretends to be his father, and the books follow their travels - as well as the rest of the Garde - as they struggle to evade the Mogadorians, led by Setrákus Ra, who are hellbent on hunting down and killing them all.

Picking up any of the books launches you into the lives of the Lorien survivors - ensuring that, wherever you start, you’ll be hitting the ground running for your life.

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