04 January 2017

The book was subject to a peer review in accordance with the usual procedures for academic publication, the details of which are below. 

                                                                   Author Acknowledgements

The Royal Meteorological Society conducted a peer review of this publication in accordance with usual procedures for academic publication. The authors acknowledge and thank the individuals involved in this process for their substantial contributions to ensure the validity and clarity of the information presented here:


                                                                                Review Editor

                                            David Warrilow, OBE, Royal Meteorological Society



                                                        Prof. Neil Adger, University of Exeter

                                                    Prof. Nigel Arnell, University of Reading

                                                    Dr Joanna House, University of Bristol

                                                            Prof. Jason Lowe, Met Office

                                    Prof. Georgina Mace, DBE, FRS, University College London

                                    Prof. John Shepherd, CBE, FRS, University of Southampton

                                            Prof. Eric Wolff, FRS, University of Cambridge


We also thank Prof. Liz Bentley, Chief Executive of the Royal Meteorological Society, for her assistance with this process.

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