Hypnosis tracks: hypnobirthing techniques

Here you'll find hypnobirthing techniques and free meditation tracks to support your reading of Your Baby Your Birth by Hollie De Cruz.

Practical techniques

Early labour

During early labour, your body is preparing for the miracle of birth. There are certain things you can do as well to help prepare your body during this time. Here is what Hollie suggests: 

- Relax in a warm bath while listening to your affirmations 

- Get your partner to massage you 

- Have a nap to conserve your energy for later 

- Have a light snack to fuel your body 

- Go for a walk to boost endorphins and get your baby into the right position 

- Do your 'open breath' breathing exercise

During labour

Creating a calming environment is important for both you and your baby. Whether you are in a hospital or at home, your space should be relaxed and stress-free, allowing you and your partner to bring positive, reassuring energy into the room. Here are some ways Hollie suggests you create a calm environment: 

- Dim the lights 

- Diffuse essential oils 

- Create a birth playlist 

- Apply pressure to your back when necessary 

- Play your affirmations and relaxation tracks 

How to use the tracks

Here you will find two mp3 tracks to help you prepare for the birth of your baby.

The first is a series of affirmations, reassuring statements about your body and birth. The second is a relaxation track, which you can use to stay calm and relaxed during pregnancy and labour.

You should listen to the affirmations track every day whilst completing your everyday activities: while you're getting ready in the morning, during your commute, or during exercise. You should listen to the relaxation track just before bed, as it will help you drift into a relaxed state before sleep.  

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