A letter from Holly, daughter of Katie Flynn

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Dear readers, 

As many of you know my mother has had more than her fair share of health issues over the past few years and I’m afraid that the last few months has seen her condition worsen. Although she still remains in good spirits, she is finding it increasingly difficult to keep everything up to date. I am now becoming more and more involved in co-writing the Katie Flynn sagas, and I wanted to take this opportunity to give you more of an insight into our working relationship.

Mum and I have spent over a decade working at the Katie Flynn novels and I always assumed the reason we wrote so well together was because we had spent so much time working in each other’s company. After all, if you work with someone long enough you tend to know what the other is thinking before they’ve said it. However, mum believes it goes much deeper than that. You see her mother – my grandmother – was a dab hand when it came to storytelling, regaling her grandchildren with tales that were so fascinating we thought them to be real, and it’s because of this that mum believes the art of storytelling is in our genes. 

I’ve had a wonderful time these past few years, discussing various characters and storylines, as well as learning what works and what doesn’t. We love to chat and when it comes to discussing ideas for novels hours can seem like minutes. I remember one night in particular when we eventually stopped for breath we realised we had come up with a whole collection of stories, all of which we can’t wait to share with you! Mum’s health was a lot better back then, and even though she can’t natter away endlessly these days, she still loves discussing the books.

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