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How to design a stylish reading nook for your home

From creating the perfect space to adding some on-trend accessories, here’s how to make a chic space that works for you.

Cost reading nook

Find the right spot

Location is key for a good reading nook. A serene and empty corner of a bedroom (or any other room that is hidden away from household traffic) is perfect. Crucially, it needs to be peaceful and comfortable. Which brings us on to our next point…

Reading nook

Create a space that meets your needs

An ideal reading nook needs a chair or a seating area. If you have lots of space at home this could be a window seat with a peaceful view, or if you are working to a smaller area you can simply use some cushions and floor pillows. You can create a relaxing refuge using minimal floor space, but it needs to be cosy.

Add textiles

Plants in reading nook

Whether you want to keep your approach minimal or go full-on hygge, textiles will turn your reading area into a laid-back environment for you to enjoy. From soft pillows to faux-fur throws, blankets and rugs, these soft materials will make your nook an inviting place to hunker down with a compelling read. 

Decorate and personalise

The sky is the limit with how creative you can be, and there are lots of ways you can add a distinct style to your new reading area. Bespoke lighting is a great way to create a calm and tranquil atmosphere to read in; add a lamp to create some ambience, or fairy lights if you have a spare set to hand. A gallery wall of your favourite artwork or family photos will serve as an inspirational background. Greenery and house plants are a gorgeous way to bring the outside in, and they can be an added stress reliever too. 

Display your favourites

If you’re a book lover, you may have a collection of well-loved books you want to show off and give pride of place in your reading nook. Shelves are an easy way to display everything in a neat and tidy manner. If you’re a bibliophile, you may want to opt for a standalone unit to accommodate your growing collection, while stylish floating shelves will add a sleek aesthetic. Whichever you choose, make sure those books are within arm's reach! 

Reading nook shelf


Now, your reading nook is complete, and we’ve reached the most important part. It’s time to sit back and relax with your read of choice. Perhaps you’ve been saving something special or maybe you’d prefer to pick up an old fave. And if you’re looking for recommendations, we’ve got you covered…

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