Salman Rushdie on Ulysess

‘It may not feature dragons, monsters, dung-beetles or evil Mr Hydes, but it’s the most fully achieved myth-novel in modern literature’


Five books that inspired Salman Rushdie


'All of a sudden I found I was hoping against hope that the penguin would survive because, as of that instant, he had a name and his name was Juan Salvador Pingüino'



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The Penguin Podcast with Richard E. Grant

Richard E. Grant joins authors in the intimacy of the Penguin studio to discuss five objects that inspired and shaped the writing of their latest book

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In Cover story

Suzanne Dean, the designer behind the cover of Sara Taylor’s stunning Bailey’s Women’s Prize longlisted novel, The Shore, talks through her creative process



We’ve scattered some of the classics greatest opening lines. Can you find them all?


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