Hypnosis Tracks: Mindful Mamma

On this page you'll find links to free guided meditation downloads to support your reading of Mindful Mamma: Mindfulness and Hypnosis Techniques for a Calm and Confident First Year. 


How to use the tracks


Here you will find seven MP3 tracks to help you navigate the first year of motherhood.

The first is a hypnosis track for boosting general confidence and helping to relax your body and mind. The second is a series of supportive affirmations, one from each chapter of the book, and the third is a relaxation track to help with calm breathing.

2.    Affirmations (MP3 download, 12.2MB)

Then there are four tracks that are specific to a chapter or experience.

5.    Forgiveness and Letting Go (MP3 download, 4.5MB)

7.    Honouring your Journey (MP3 download, 3.9MB)

All tracks can be listened to throughout your first year. When you listen to them you may feel as though you are falling asleep; this is fine, go with it. Listening to the tracks will relax you and build your belief in your capability to support your baby and yourself. The more you listen to them, the easier you will find it to let go and fully relax. As you may feel sleepy, please make sure you do not listen to them whilst driving or operating machinery.

PLEASE NOTE: These audio files are MP3 files, once they've been downloaded they can be added to any Apple device in the usual way using iTunes. To do this, right click the audio file you would like to download and choose \\'save link as\\'. Save the file to your desktop. Once it has downloaded, you can double-click to open and play in iTunes. The files can also be streamed directly from this page.

About the book

After the physical and emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy and birth, many mothers feel unprepared for the challenges of baby’s first year. In this reassuring and practical guide, leading hypnotherapist and doula Sophie Fletcher will help you reduce anxiety and overwhelm, and manage the joyful chaos of early motherhood.

Following on from her bestselling birth book, Mindful Hypnobirthing, Sophie uses the same positive and supportive approach to empower you through your first year. In Mindful Mamma, she shares quick and easy mindfulness and hypnosis techniques for coping with key stress areas including – the early days following birth, crying, feeding, getting out, relationships and going back to work.

Filled with real-life stories from mothers, useful exercises and expert advice, this new book will help you feel relaxed, confident and in control throughout the life-changing first year.

Useful worksheets and diagrams

·        Mindful Mamma checklist (PDF, 748KB)

·        Calm Breath (PDF, 610KB)

·        Low/Mid/High Energy Days (PDF, 786KB)

·        The CALMER Way (PDF, 654KB)

·        Build your team (PDF, 819KB)

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