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What I’m Reading: John Lewis-Stempel

The author of The Private Life of an English Field looks for ‘restorative reads’ after long, chilly days working his land. From a period Parisian thriller to nature-led poetry, here’s what's been on his bedside table in 2019.

John Lewis-Stempel
John Lewis-Stempel's reading list

John Lewis-Stempel is born and bred Herefordshire. After years working as an academic, he returned to farming, working the land his family have lived on for over 700 years near the England-Wales border. 

He won the Wainwright Prize for Nature Writing in 2015 for his book The Private Life of an English Field and again in 2017 for Where Poppies Blow, a look at World War I soldiers and their relationship with nature. 

He is, by all accounts, one of the most prestigious chroniclers of the natural world in Britain. But what does he read for pleasure?

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