Find out the answers to the final challenge from The Shipping Forecast Puzzle Book below - if you're correct, you are worthy of a special Certificate of Maritime Excellence. 


Download your Certificate of Maritime Excellence below - you earned it, Captain.

  • The Shipping Forecast Puzzle Book

  • Attention all Shipping Forecast fans. Set sail on a voyage unlike any other...

    Each day, millions tune in to hear the Shipping Forecast's unique cadence and poetry, words thatturn our island landscape into something strangeand magical. It's almost like a puzzle to be solved...

    The Shipping Forecast Puzzle Book tests your general knowledge and lateral thinking through a series of fiendish puzzles, in which all the answers can be found on a map as place names on the coasts or in the seas. For example:

    · An eagle's under this
    · What a Komodo Dragon really is
    · Near where someone was horribly cruel to 343 felines

    And because your voyages trace the shapes of letters of the alphabet, that's just the beginning...

    With a foreword by Zeb Soanes, the voice of the Shipping Forecast, and fully illustrated with specially commissioned maps, The Shipping Forecast Puzzle Book will help make you a Master of the quizzing world.

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