Reading lists

A book for every stage of love

Whether you're in the first flush of passion, the messy, complicated bit in the middle or living your happy ever after. 

A book for every stage of love
Image: Rob Dobi

On average a song lasts 3 minutes 30 seconds. Paintings can only capture a moment in time. And Hollywood rom-coms usually roll the credits once the couple have said 'I do'. And yet, from teenage lust to adult companionship, we spend decades falling in and out of love.

When it comes to reflecting those long – sometimes complicated, sometimes blissful – romantic journeys, nothing does it better than a book. Here we present a capsule of reading that will last you a lifetime. And if you want more love stories, read our list of the best romance books.

First dates

Unrequited love

First love


Surviving (or not surviving) a long term relationship

Second chances

A happy ever after

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