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The books that got us reading differently

Which author has changed your mind about certain genres and subjects? Here we celebrate our favourite 'gateway' reads.

Do you read broadly, across wide and varied genres, or do you stick to the same sorts of stories, the tried and tested favourites you know you'll love? Well, if you fall into the latter camp, don't worry, we're not here to judge. In fact, we've all been there.

At, we recently got drawn into a lively conversation on our ‘gateway reads‘ – a book we might have initially picked up with some trepidation but we ended up enjoying it so much that it got us hooked on a genre or subject matter we hadn't explored before.

These are our team's gateway reads, maybe you'll find some inspiration to set off on a literary expedition of your own.

Which books have been your gateways into new genres, authors or subjects? Email and let us know.

Image: Alicia Fernandes / Penguin

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