A colourful photo collage of scenes from Malaysia, the French Riviera and more, all set against a green background.
Reading lists

Books that travel to the world’s most beautiful places

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your next holiday or just looking for a book to whisk you somewhere stunning, this reading list – and its attendant photos of the luxurious locales – is for you.

Among the many wonderful things about books is their power to transport us: they can take us forward or back through time; into the minds and worlds of others; and they can bring us to some of our planet’s most beautiful locales, without ever leaving the sofa. Some books conjure a sense of location so well that they even inspire future travel – who wouldn’t want to see the magnificent place their favourite novel was set?

So, we got to thinking about some of the most captivating places that books have been set, and compiled a reading list – along with scenic photographs – to inspire your next journey.

A thriller in the Swiss Alps

A photo of the spectacular Swiss Alps reflected in a body of water, with trees on either side.
The spectacular Swiss Alps. Photo: iStock

Glamour and intrigue on the French Riviera

A photo of colourful houses along the French Riviera, with boats floating along the bank.
The languorous French Riviera. Photo: iStock

A moving family saga in Malaysia

A photo of homes on a forested mountain in Malaysia.
Homes on a pretty clouded mountain in Malaysia. Photo: iStock

A 'crazy rich' love story in Capri

A photo of vividly hued houses on the shore of Capri, with boats anchored in the water out front.
The colourful Capri shoreline. Photo: Getty

A world lit classic in Colombia

A photo of a row of homes in Colombia, with flowers on the colourful balconies.
A beautiful residential street in Colombia. Photo: Getty

A memoir of growing up on Corfu

A photo of a beach on the Greek island of Corfu with stunning blue waters.
A beach in Corfu, with stunning blue waters. Image: Getty

A romantic caper in the Scottish Highlands

A photo of the misted Scottish Highlands at golden hour.
The misted, magnificent Scottish Highlands. Photo: Getty

Main collage image: Alicia Fernandes/Penguin
Collage photos: Getty / iStock

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