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Where to start reading Jeanette Winterson’s books

From nature and literature to sexuality, Jeanette Winterson has long tackled matters of substance in her work. Here's how to get into it.

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Image:Alicia Fernandes / Penguin

As Jeanette Winterson publishes 12 Bytes, her collection of essays on artificial intelligence, it’s easy to forget that she has had such a wide-ranging, groundbreaking and even controversial past. “I am a scrapper,” she told Desert Island Discs. She has fought for sexuality, for nature, for women and most of all, for literature. “I am an ambitious writer,” she said in 2011. “I don’t see the point in being anything; no, not anything at all, if you have no ambition for it.” Here are some of the places her ambition has taken her – and us.

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