Quiz: the perfect ice cream for you, based on your book preferences

You tell us what you like to read, and we’ll dole out some rich, creamy advice on which frozen treat might accompany it best.

An illustration of an ice cream van in shades of blue, pink and yellow, from which books with question marks on them are being given out

Think ice cream and books share no real connection? Think again.

Recently, we contacted a team of experts from the Literary Office of Lickable and Luscious Iced Extravagant Somethings to weigh in on the latest science, which shows a strict correlation between the books a person loves to read and the most suitable ice cream for those preferences.

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In the interest of getting that information out to the populace, we’ve assembled a perfect quiz to help out. Below, answer a few questions about your literary leanings so that the next time you’re reading your favourite book and the temperature touches 20, you’ll know exactly where to turn.

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