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Audiobooks everyone should listen to, as chosen by our readers

From gripping thrillers to deeply personal memoirs, epic classics and more, these are the stories that have captured your hearts – and ears. 

Oral storytelling is one of our species' most ancient traditions and, if you think about it, audiobooks are just an updated version of spinning a yarn to keep each other company.

Even if you're a die-hard fan of the printed word, there's room for audiobooks in everyone's lives. Whether it's having one keep you company on a commute, tuning in while you make dinner or putting one on before bed to give your eyes a rest at the end of a long day, listening to someone read to you is a wonderfully immersive way to experience a book. 

We recently asked Penguin readers to tell us about the audiobooks they love, and why they enjoyed them. So here they are, from epic novels and gripping thrillers you won't want to turn off to deeply personal memoirs read by the author themselves and poetry that's perfect to hear read aloud. Perhaps you'll find some listening inspiration amongst these recommendations?

What are your favourite audiobooks and why? Email and let us know.

Image: Alexandra Francis / Penguin

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