Watch George Monbiot’s rallying cry to young people on tackling the climate crisis

The author and environmental campaigner gave a galvanizing Penguin Talk to 180 schoolchildren last month, sharing his vision for how they – and you – can join the fight to save the planet.


On 30 October, George Monbiot and Alice Aedy visited a school in Dagenham to speak to young people about the urgency of the climate crisis.

Hosted by Alice Aedy – the British documentary filmmaker and and co-founder of the ‘Earthrise.studio’ – the event brought together students from years 10-13 at Dagenham Park Church of England School to hear George speak on the urgency of the climate crisis, what we need to do to make a difference, and what we stand to gain by making these changes.

Attending students received a copy of George’s latest title, This Can’t Be Happening, which calls on humanity to stop averting its gaze from the destruction of the living planet, and wake up to the greatest predicament we have ever faced.

The book is part of the new Green Ideas series – twenty short books of important essays, thoughts and ideas on the climate crisis and what we can do to combat it.

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