Vintage new writers to discover in 2023

From memoirs and thrillers to epic family tales, these are the Vintage books from new authors to get stuck into in 2023.

The onset of a new year means just one thing for book lovers: deciding which books to add to your to-be-read pile for the year ahead. Over the next six months, Vintage are publishing a brilliant range of new writers. There’s something to read whatever your literary tastes, from memoirs to thrillers, epic family tales to engrossing fiction. So forget ‘new year, new you’ and instead embrace ‘new year, new to-read list’.

Dominoes by Phoebe McIntosh (June)

Layla and Andy share the same surname, and when they meet it feels like fate. But as the pair fall in love, Layla’s best friend Sera becomes more vocal about Layla settling down with a white man. As Layla begins to uncover parts of her history and identity she never imagined, or preferred to leave ignored, this novel explores questions of identity and the legacy of the slave trade in twenty-first-century Britain.

The Interpreter by Brooke Robinson (June)

Revelle Lee can speak eleven languages, and works as a translator for witnesses, victims and the accused across London crime scenes and courtrooms. She’s also in the process of adopting a little boy, Elliot, and is determined to be the mother to him that she never had herself, and to make up for her own past mistakes. But when it seems like a murderer is going to go free, Revelle deliberately mis-translates the alibi; if someone finds out it will put her son and her livelihood at risk. If you’re after a tense thriller, this is the book for you.

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