You will need:

•    An old Christmas bauble or polystyrene ball

•    A ribbon

•    PVA glue

•    Glue stick or brush

•    A printer

•    Some paper

•    A pair of scissors (always ask an adult for help when using scissors)

How to make it: 

1. Start by printing some of the Wimpy Kid extracts. Choose from Double DownThe Getaway, The Meltdown or Wrecking BallYou could print them small or big, it’s up to you!

2. Cut the cartoons and extracts into strips, around 1cm wide. Brush PVA glue onto your strip and stick it on to your bauble. We ran our strips from top to bottom of the bauble overlapping slightly until it was completely covered, although you could collage across the bauble if you’d prefer.

3. When the ball is completely covered, mix up two teaspoons of PVA glue with one teaspoon of water and mix together, then coat the bauble with the gluey mix.

4. Leave to dry and finish with a colourful ribbon.


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