Willy Wonka Easter Egg

You will need:   

• An egg

• A marker pen

• White card

• Some glue

• Scissors

How to make it: 

1.       Place your egg in a pan of water, and boil until hard, for around about ten minutes. Remove from the water and leave to cool, until cold to touch. (note: always seek help from a grown up when using boiling water!)

2.       Cut out two small circles from white paper to make eyes – add some eye balls with the marker pen

3.       Stick on the eyes

4.       Then use the marker pen to add a mischievous smile and a nose to your egg.

5.       Cut out a tall top hat shape for Willy Wonka’s head, using the image about as a guide. Paint it black and add a strip of ribbon for extra effect

6.       For his tie cut out a bow shape and draw on some big red spots. Add more detail if you’re feeling really adventurous!

7.       Carefully stick your hat and bow tie onto Willy Wonka, make sure you’re gentle so he doesn’t break!

Now your magnificent Willy Wonka Easter egg is complete. And remember, as the great chocolate maker himself once said ‘A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men’...

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