Real parents on tips for starting school


1.       If you are relaxed, they will be too

I just relaxed and explained to my kids that school was an amazing place, with kids to play with and have lots of fun and do new activities. They went absolutely happy on their first day, and the days after…

- Reyes Ferrandiz


2.      Make sure you plan ahead

My son has autism so planning weeks ahead helps keep reminding him school starts. I also show him pictures of his school teachers etc. to get him used to the idea.

- Suzanne Cunnane Taylor


3.       Create a routine - why not make it fun? 

Don't make a big fuss about it, and keep a routine so it just feels like a normal activity.

- Clare Bauckham


4.       Get them involved and make it feel special

Involve them in choosing and labelling school supplies and make sure they have something special as a surprise in their school bag. Even tinies need one for their reading folder/bag that comes home every day. 

- Penny Meyer-Polins


5.       If they're worried, it's ok to reassure them and make them feel better

Remind them that all the other children will be feeling the same.

- Emma Metcalfe


Some comments have been abridged or edited for clarity. 

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