The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch by Tom Fletcher

More confident readers will not want to miss this sequel to festive adventure The Christmasaurus. It’s been a year since his escapade with the Christmasaurus, and now William has been swept back to the magical North Pole where he meets the mysterious, icy Winter Witch. Bursting with as much drama, friendship, music and of course CHRISTMAS, as the first book, this follow-up tale is set to be another hit under the tree.

Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex by Sam Copeland

Everything inside this book is just about as bonkers, and hilarious, as you can imagine! Not only can the book’s main character Charlie turn into a T-rex, but he can turn into ANY kind of animal: a flea, a pigeon, a rhino – you name it! Trouble is, Charlie can’t control when he changes into these animals; he just knows it happens when he’s worried about something. Can Charlie – with the help of his three best friends – find a way of dealing with his crazy powers?

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid by Jeff Kinney

This laugh-out-loud story is the perfect gift for any fan of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series to unwrap on Christmas morning – and is sure to keep them laughing all the way through 2020 and beyond. This time it’s Greg Heffley’s best friend Rowley’s turn to chronicle his story. But Rowley has agreed to tell Greg's story along the way, too. After all, Greg says one day he will be rich and famous and the world will need to know how he managed it. But Rowley's stories about Greg might not be quite what his friend had in mind… Get ready for Rowley to turn everything you know about your favourite Wimpy Kid upside down.

The Snowman by Michael Morpurgo

It’ll be love at ‘frost’ sight the second they pick up this stunning story. This charming take on the classic tale of a little boy’s snowman who comes to life on Christmas Eve is nothing short of breath-taking. It’s the perfect modern read to introduce one of the most touching seasonal stories ever written to young readers. Plus, you can rekindle some of that timeless magic yourself. They’ll fly through it no time.

The Puffin Book of Christmas Stories by Wendy Cooling

This collection of festive short stories by some of our finest children’s writers is the perfect stocking filler for any avid reader this Christmas. Unwrap and unravel seasonal tales penned by the likes of Charles Dickens, Gillian Cross, Trish Cooke, Malorie Blackman and Jacqueline Wilson. There’s a magical Yuletide story for every family member nestled inside this special read – from the classical to the side-splitting!

The Secret Dragon by Ed Clarke

The perfect read for any budding young explorer who’s partial to a little adventure in their bookcase. This beautiful story of friendship follows Mari Jones, a headstrong 11-year-old who wants to be a real scientist, despite her young age. One day, Mari discovers a tiny dragon while fossil-hunting on the beach, but she’s determined to use science to explain its existence – she just needs to keep the little dragon hidden for long enough. But, soon enough, the pair form an unlikely friendship and Mari might just have to admit that when it comes to bonds like this, science might not always have the answers.

The Twelve Days of Christmas with Roald Dahl by Roald Dahl

You’ve not celebrated Christmas until you’ve celebrated Christmas Roald Dahl-style! Prepare yourself for the most wondercrump, most splendiferous, most gloriumptious Christmas party within the pages of this bonkers-bound book. Jam-packed with whipple-scrumptious recipes for festive feasting, tricksy pranks to get you on the naughty list and cracking Crimbo activities to really get the party going, this is a must that will keep  Roald Dahl fans occupied right through to New Year.

Roald Dahl’s Matilda’s How to be a Genius by Roald Dahl

For those that don’t know, Roald Dahl’s story of Matilda follows an extraordinary young girl who teaches the adults around her a lesson they’ll never forget. After all, she’s read virtually every book ever written, she can calculate outrageously difficult maths problems in her head and, well, her brain was bubbling with so much awesomeness that it actually turned her telekinetic. Want to know her super-smart secrets? In Matilda’s How to be a Genius, Matilda Wormwood will teach you how to baffle, bamboozle and bewilder your friends and family just like she did. ASTOUND the whole family with feats of calculation, scientific miracles, incredible creativity and fiendishly clever tricks. *N.B. We can neither confirm nor deny that this book might unleash undiscovered magical abilities.

Little Badman and the Invasion of the Killer Aunties by Humza Arshad & Henry White

If they prefer their reads on the laughing-so-much-you-start-to-cry side, be sure to pop this one under the tree this year. Humza Khan is the self-confessed greatest 11-year-old rapper Eggington has ever known. He has big plans for his future, but there’s just a teeny issue standing in the way between him and inevitable superstardom. You see, all his teachers are disappearing left, right and centre, and to top all that madness off, everyone’s aunties are taking over! Before Humza knows it, the aunties have taken over Humza’s music, too – now it’s OFFICIALLY personal! It’s up to Humza and his friends to dig deeper and hunt for the truth behind these killer aunties.

The Racehorse Who Learned to Dance by Clare Balding

If you’ve been following Noble Warrior’s journey up ‘till this point, you’ll know that Charlie’s racehorse is certainly well-deserving of his name after winning the Derby against all odds. But will his valiant reputation help him and Charlie jump the highest hurdle yet? Charlie’s best friend Polly is recovering from a serious accident that left her almost paralysed. But Polly has a wonderful talent with horses and Charlie is determined to help her bestie live out her equestrian dream. But this dream isn’t going to come true overnight; it’s going to take some thinking, creativity and maybe even some dancing.

The Firework-Maker’s Daughter by Philip Pullman

Lila doesn’t just want to be a firework-maker’s daughter… She dreams of being a firework-maker herself! To discover the final firework-making secret, Lila must bravely head off alone on a perilous journey – a journey filled with dangers beyond anything she could ever have imagined. Get ready for an explosive quest, full of danger, mystery and a touch of magic in this thrilling page-turner from master storyteller and author of The Book of Dust series and His Dark Materials series.

Mummy Fairy and Me: Fairy-in-Waiting by Sophie Kinsella

Young Ella Brooks’ mummy may look perfectly normal, but in reality, she’s anything but – you see, Ella’s mummy can turn into a fairy! All she has to do is shut her eyes nice and tight and say “Marshmallow” ... just like that, mummy’s now Mummy Fairy. Pretty cool, eh? Well, yes, but the problem is that sometimes mummy’s spells go wrong – REALLY wrong. Prepare your minds for some magical madness – from swimming pools filled with ice cream to giant cakes and fairy dust – oh, and the CHEEKIEST bunch of monkeys you will ever meet. Will Ella ever get to follow in her mum’s fairy footsteps and become a fairy herself? Only one way to find out.

First Prize for the Worst Witch by Jill Murphy

Make sure those pointed hats are on nice and tight and whatever you do, hold onto your broomsticks because you’re in for a magical ride with this read! In this wicked tale, it’s summer term at Miss Cackle’s Academy and SOMEHOW our Mildred has made it to Year Four, despite being known as the school’s worst witch. In her latest (mis)adventure, Mildred has her sights set on becoming Head Girl (yep!). Can Mildred stay out of trouble and prove to everyone that even the worst witch there is can turn her fortunes around? Can Mildred really go from WORST to FIRST?! Not if her arch-enemy Ethel Hallow gets her way… Buckle those broomstick belts. 

The Audition by Maddie Ziegler

The Audition is the first novel from Dance Moms superstar Maddie Ziegler. Her main character is 12-year-old dancer, Harper. As the superstar of her dance school, Harper has everything going for her, but that all changes when her parents announce that they are moving. Luckily, Harper is soon accepted into the famous dance team, DanceStarz. But now the stakes are higher – way higher; the dancing is fiercer and her teammates are… well, difficult. Some serious moves will be needed to tackle the events that unfold…

The Creakers by Tom Fletcher

Lucy has always wondered about the strange creaking noises that we all hear at night when we’re trying to doze off, or at least she did until all of the adults in town mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Naturally, the kids are thrilled! They’re living the dream – from building roads of trampolines to eating cereal for every meal. As the kids take charge of the adult-free town, Lucy is determined to get her mum back and figure out where all the adults have actually gone. NOTHING is going to stop her… except maybe the Creakers; the little mysterious monsters that live under the bed, responsible for all that creaking.

Junkyard Jack and the Horse That Talked by Adrian Edmondson

Poor, Jack. Life’s pretty tough for him – you see, he lives with his drippy Aunt Violet, his smelly Uncle Ted and his all-round evil cousin, Kelly. One day, Jack accidentally runs away from his ghastly family and, much to his surprise finds himself on a mission to free his mum from prison. But all adventures come with their twists and turns and this one comes with a few talking animals and FAR too much horse poo for anyone’s liking. The perfect read from the TV star Ade Edmondson is guaranteed to give everyone warm and fuzzy giggles this winter. Prepare for something brilliant and bonkers. 

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