Dino Dad: Ice Age

Dino Dad: Ice Age


Hello! It's me, Ruby Thumb. You might remember me and my dad - we're famous POOPAs. What do you mean you've not heard of us? And you don't know what a POOPA is?! It means we're Protector Of Our Dinosaur Allies - obviously!

Me and my dad have loads of amazing adventures in Dinotropolis - an incredible island, full of dinosaurs who live just like us humans do. And when we go there using our special magic Ammonite shell, we turn into dinosaurs too!

I can't wait to tell you all about our amazing frozen adventure. We had to rescue a baby woolly mammoth, and make sure it got back safely to its mummy - as well as un-freeze Dinotropolis! It was pretty roarsome - let me tell you all about it!

About the authors

Andy Day

Andy Day is one of the best-known stars of preschool television. Andy is the star of multiple children's programmes, most notably his Andy's Adventures, which span from dinosaurs, safari, aquatic, and his currently-being-filmed 'global' adventures. He is also the star of 'Andy and the Band' which features Andy's real-life pop band Andy and the Odd Socks, who have played hundreds of live shows, and released two albums.
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Steven Lenton (Illustrator)

Steven Lenton is a multi-award-winning illustrator, originally from Cheshire, now working from his studio in Brighton. He has illustrated many children's books including Virtually Christmas by David Baddiel, The Hundred And One Dalmatians adapted by Peter Bently, The Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam series by Tracey Corderoy, Frank Cottrell-Boyce's fiction titles and his self-penned series Genie and Teeny.
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