Rusty Rivets
Rusty Rivets

You will need

-      Cardboard

-      Scissors

-      Pencil

-      Coloured card

-      A sharpie or a black pen

-      Split pins

-      Pritt stick

How to make it

1.   Using your pencil draw onto the cardboard the shapes you want to cut out for your robot. Make sure you have arms, legs and a robot head 

Rusty Rivets

2.   Carefully cut out your shapes with scissors (grown-up use only)

Rusty Rivets

3.   Now using your split pins attach your robots arms, legs and head together 

Rusty Rivets

4. Use your coloured card and pencil to draw the outline of two eyes and a mouth for your robot and cut these out

Rusty Rivets

5.   Fill them in using your black pen or sharpie!

Rusty Rivets

6. With glue stick your robot eyes and mouth onto the cardboard head! You could even add some robot eyebrows if you like

Rusty Rivets

7.   Ta-da! Your robot is now finished. You can modify, customize and Rustify it however you want! 

Rusty Rivets
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